Filing A Workers’ Compensation Claim
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Navigating The Workers’ Compensation Claim Process

The Workers’ Compensation process can be complex, intimidating, stressful and time-consuming. The law firm of Shulman & Hill is experienced with workers’ compensation cases and can navigate your claim through the entire process, from submitting claim paperwork to handling your hearing before a Workers’ Compensation law judge.

It is crucial to begin the workers’ compensation claim process soon after a work injury. Documents that are crucial to the success of your claim include:

  • Personnel Records / Proof of Employment
  • Doctor’s Narratives
  • Emergency Room / Hospital Reports
  • Rehabilitation Progress Reports
  • Medical Bills and Receipts

Get It Done Right The First Time

If your application is not completed to the established standards, it will be delayed or denied. Let us give you the best chance of receiving Workers’ Compensation benefits. The skilled lawyers at Shulman & Hill can help you complete your whole claim application to pursue the benefits you deserve.

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